Patient Management System

Patient Management System (PMS) is an efficient cloud based automated biometric system for to manage patients, doctors, diagnoses, prescriptions, lab testing, dispensary and inventory.

  • Tracking records for patient and doctors
  • Biometric recognition system
  • Token system
  • Archive of medicines
  • Medicine inventory system
  • General inventory
  • Room allocation for patients
  • Patient test reports maintenance
  • Medicines, diet and advices are prescribed
  • Patient History
  • Daily attendance of doctors
  • Clinic Performance
  • Tokens history
  • Registered patients’ history
  • Medicine Checkout report
  • Medicine expiry report
  • Medicine reorder report
  • Doctor cards issued to patients
  • Patient reports about diagnosis, medicines, advices, tests and disease description
  • Each and every report can be exported in print and excel format
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