Assets Management System

AMS is a cloud-based property management platform that enables businesses to manage commercial, residential and High-rise properties and take complete control of every aspect of their business to sell, lease and its maintenance.

Key features

  • Tracking records regarding assets and categorized records into basements, floors with its units details
  • Owner and Tenant profiles with customization
  • Unit can be booked against the tenant that’s being registered
  • Payments about cash deposits can be managed and cash collections are automated based on both cash and checks received from tenant
  • Pending cheques can be added, clear as per cash received and notify.
  • Payment terms can be done in down payment, installment and rent
  • Payments history i.e. advance payment, due payments, outstanding balance are maintained.
  • Full general ledger accounting
  • Ledger transaction reversal
  • Reports: weekly, monthly, annual and total revenue.
  • List of defaulters and property status reports are included.
  • Dynamically create roles and customize portal as per user’s privileges.
  • Notify reminders and alerts on delayed payments.
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