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Cloud Based HR Software

Cloud based HR software consists of determining the identity of a person. The aim is to capture an item of biometric data from this person. It can be a photo of their face, a record of their voice, or an image of their fingerprint.

Access Control

State of the art online attendance management and access control system.

Attendance Timesheet

Timesheet attendance management system for in/out tracking information.

Impression Registration

User registration & recognition via thumb impression/image from database.

HR portal

Multiple schedules per day and complete HR reporting portal to manage.

SymScan Cloud Based HR Software


Manage all functions of HR with cloud based human resource management system. This system helps businesses in the management of online biometric attendance with face, thumb, and voice recognition. Businesses can also manage schedules, timesheets, payrolls for employees. Its exceptional feature of custom reporting makes your monitoring system efficient and suitable for all businesses. Following are the key features of cloud-based HR software:

  • Biometric attendance and payroll management system
  • User registration and identification via thumb impression/image
  • Peripheral testing panel to test devices i.e., Thumb scanner, camera and RFID reader
  • Tracking information about employees and company info
  • Overall company’s total employees record
  • HR reporting tool for reports on Employee active and deactivated statuses (covering all employees).
  • Track Employee’s timesheet attendance
  • Attendance monitoring reports daily, weekly and monthly
  • Customized dashboards for each user
  • Notification to leader about his team daily attendance. It could be via message or can be viewed on supervisor dashboard
  • Attendance reports generated according to departmentally or specific individual record
  • Graphical web presentation e.g., Charts
  • Roles and privileges to make modification in or to view employee data
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and Printed forms
  • Setup page to set functionalities according to company policies. It may include employee ID pattern, annual leaves, government legislation, privileges and approvals process etc.
  • Create schedules for 1 or multiple employees
  • Create schedules by departments, location, and jobs
  • Multiple schedules per day
  • Create multiple day shifts up to 72 hours
  • Add company locations to individual shifts
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly recurring schedules
  • Add company locations to individual shifts
  • Ability to create schedules up to 1 year
  • Flexibility to add pay rules to a shift
  • Add premium pay to shift
  • Easily edit one or multiple schedules at a time
  • Leave calendar view and highlights gazette holidays
  • Defining type of annual leaves
  • HR portal to manage leaves and holidays
  • Reports on Employee leaves balance
  • Reports on shifts allotted to employee
  • Alerts on gazette and sudden holidays
  • List of employees whose are given relaxation hours by company
  • Report on calculation of hours worked by employee
  • Leave balance calculation
  • Calculate Government legislation, net pay other total deduction
  • Shift wise calculation, scenarios for employees with relaxation hours or daily waged employee
  • Detail report on payroll overall employees
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and Printed forms
  • Notification at end of month regarding deductions
  • Employee ID will be generated in barcode
  • All notifications are made via sms
  • First 10,000 sms are free with the purchase of applications

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