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Job Management System

With the job management system (JMS), enterprises can schedule jobs and projects to teams in the office or in the field. Create a new job or task list, schedule dates, and milestones. Furthermore, set up alerts so everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Manage your projects by assigning specific tasks to particular employees based on your hierarchy.


Get the stock report with replacement and without replacement. Equipment inventory tracking system provides checkout equipment reports the list of models, sub-models, product types and, price dealing.


Site and Service problem report, Record of principals, contact person, and principal bank details.

Customized Portals

On project management software with a client portal, you can categorize users into teams e.g., supervisor, group leaders, engineers and, subordinates, etc. Group leaders create teams and teams are assigned jobs.

Job Management System
Jobs Pool

Jobs pool for employees to manage and update progress status on assigned projects or tasks.

Hierarchy & Task management

Define different offices and departmental hierarchy with enterprise task management system. Approval requests system for upper management. Control of user privileges.

Project management

Launching a startup or a project with limited capital? no problem. Keep a close eye on managing your startups with agile project management solutions to track the time and progress of the individual tasks.

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