Access Control

State of the art biometric attendance and access control system

Attendance Timesheet

In/Out tracking information about user and organization profile

Impression Registration

User registration and identification via thumb impression/image

HR portal

Multiple schedules per day and complete HR portal to manage

Update Yourself & Get Smart

Cloud Identification System

Biometric identification consists of determining the identity of a person. The aim is to capture an item of biometric data from this person. It can be a photo of their face, a record of their voice, or an image of their fingerprint.


  • Biometric attendance and access control system
  • User registration and identification via thumb impression/image
  • Peripheral testing panel to test devices i.e. thumb scanner, camera and RFID reader
  • Tracking information about employees and company info
  • Overall company’s total employees record
  • Report on Employee active and deactivated statuses (covering all employees).
  • Tracking Employee’s timesheet
  • Attendance monitoring reports daily, weekly and monthly
  • Customized dashboards for each user
  • Notification to leader about his team daily attendance. It could be via message or can be viewed on supervisor dashboard
  • Attendance reports generated according to departmentally or specific individual record
  • Graphical web presentation e.g. charts
  • Roles and privileges to make modification in or to view employee data
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and Printed forms
  • Setup page to set functionalities according to company policies. It may include employee ID pattern, annual leaves, government legislation, privileges and approvals process etc.
  • Create schedules for 1 or multiple employees
  • Create schedules by departments, location, and jobs
  • Multiple schedules per day
  • Create multiple day shifts up to 72 hours
  • Add company locations to individual shifts
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly recurring schedules
  • Add company locations to individual shifts
  • Ability to create schedules upto 1 year
  • Flexibility to add pay rules to a shift
  • Add premium pay to shift
  • Easily edit one or multiple schedules at a time
  • Leave calendar view and highlights gazette holidays
  • Defining type of annual leaves
  • Employee can send an application for approval
  • HR portal to manage leaves and holidays
  • Reports on Employee leaves balance
  • Reports on shifts allotted to employee
  • Alerts on gazette and sudden holidays
  • List of employees whose are given relaxation hours by company
  • Report on calculation of hours worked by employee
  • Leave balance calculation
  • Calculate Government legislation, net pay other total deduction
  • Shift wise calculation, scenarios for employees with relaxation hours or daily waged employee
  • Detail report on payroll overall employees
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and Printed forms
  • Notification at end of month regarding deductions
  • Employee ID will be generated in barcode
  • All notifications are made via sms
  • First 10,000 sms are free with the purchase of applications
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