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When it’s time for a business to change old tech with the new tech of business IT solutions?

Business IT solutions

5 second overview

Why a business needs latest tech?

What are the factors for a longer life cycle span for a system?

Business can leverage its profit with old tech

Your ability to balance positive impact over negative aspects

In the modern era, where every individual wants to stay updated to match the speed of life. Every organization has the same requirement. They wanted to keep the pace of operation at its best to match the dynamic environment of corporate world. Here technology play its role. As in modern world technological advancement is so rapid that number of technologies are being obsoleted on daily basis. That’s businesses also have to keep an eye on the changing world of technology. So, that they can have a better idea about When it’s time for a business to change old tech with new tech of business IT solutions. Question arises, that:

How a business can do it?

Growth in Business with Business IT Solutions

A business has to manage effectively its IT life cycle management process. It’s a common saying that everything has a defined lifespan. When that defined lifespan is over, that thing will cause problems instead of solving the problems. This is the best time to change it. Every hardware and software an enterprise use to run its operations smoothly work for specific period of time. The smooth functionality of a system depends upon several factors. Few key factors are following:

  1. For how much time business has this tech
  2. What kind of tech it is?
  3. Usage of that particular Business IT solutions
  4. Number of maintenance that system passes through.
  5. Or even upgradation of system with passage of time.

If an organization know the expected life of a system, they can enjoy absolute effectiveness with strategically planned maintenance and upgradations. Ultimately can achieve organizational goals.

How IT life cycle management can help a business?

In simple words, it can leverage your profits. Properly maintained with necessary upgrades a system can work its best capacity for whole expected lifespan. That means you don’t have to buy and install a new system for that lifespan. It will reduce your cost in following ways

  • Longer life cycle of Tech
  • No new procurement and deployment before life span ends
  • No interference in continual of operations
  • Saves training expenditures for new systems
  • Save disposal cost of current system
  • Can invest that amount in profitable ventures

What could be the dark side of Longer IT life cycle?

Every aspect has two sides of picture a positive and a negative. However, it is always depending on the ability of an organization or an individual. That how can they leverage positive impact by mitigating negative aspects. They need to maintain a good balance between both sides. Following are some possible risks, threats or dark side of longer IT life cycle

  • Not always using latest technology
  • Competitor could achieve competitive advantage by using latest tech
  • Can increase maintenance cost of existing system

Despite of the fact that you competitor could take lead on you but the cost would be way too much higher than proper maintenance of current system. You don’t have to procure and deploy new system, there will not be down time due to shifting process and you don’t have to train your staff from the basics.


Maintain your system properly and regularly.

Use your system at full capacity

Use it for whole expected life you have paid for.

Finally change your old tech with new tech when you have consumed it at its 100% capacity.

Thank you very for your time. Your thoughts and suggestions are highly appreciated. If you need any kind of consultation pertaining to IT services for your business about custom IT solutions. Just drop us a message.



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